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King Rotary Tattoo Machine Purple

King Rotary Tattoo Machine Purple
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King Rotary Tattoo Machine Purple
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King Rotary Tattoo Machine Purple

Swiss Motor

Weight : 84.5 g

Operating Voltage Range: Between 4.5V and 7V

Minimum Vibration and Noise

At the top of this machine is a dial and control adjustment place.

For hard work (Liner or Coloring), turn the knob on the top of the machine clockwise.

For smooth operation (shading), turn the knob counterclockwise.

This machine has very soft hitting ability compared to good coil shaders.

You can set it in as little as 3-5 seconds to set Liner from shader without touching the power supply.

No rubber is needed to reduce needle vibration. There is an easily adjustable needle stabilizer adjustment place.

Recommended use Liner and Shader

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