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Tattoo Needle

Brand: Ava Model: PİNN951
Ava Premium Tattoo Needle 1201RL, Round Liner 50-pack, Code #12 0.35mm needle thickness...
94.40 TL
Ex Tax:80.00 TL
Model: PİNN1313
Ava Tattoo Cartridge Needle SPT-T1401RL 16 Pcs, Round Liner, Tattoo Cartridge Needle...
165.20 TL
Ex Tax:140.00 TL
Brand: Denizyıldızı Dövme Malzemeleri Model: PİNN129
Disposable Plastic Types 3RT / 50 PiecesPlastic tips compatible with tattoo needles are in our stock.It is standard production. 12 series are fully compatible with needles.Info (Use 5RT tip according to 1007RL for 10 series)...
35.40 TL
Ex Tax:30.00 TL
Brand: Ava Model: PİNN950
 Ava Premium Tattoo Needle 1203RL.ELT, Extra Tight Liner 50-pack, Code #12, 0.30mm needle thickness...
100.30 TL
Ex Tax:85.00 TL
Brand: Ava Model: PİNN1312
Ava Cartridge Needle SPT-T1003RL 16'lı Pkt, Round Liner, Tattoo Cartridge Needle ..
165.20 TL
Ex Tax:140.00 TL
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