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Order Tracking

Order Statuses and Order Tracking

We explain order statuses and their meanings to give you a better shopping experience and to avoid any questions in your mind.

Order Awaiting Confirmation

This state first appears when the order is placed. After your order and payment are checked, the next step is taken.

Order Confirmed

After the order is confirmed and approved by the products and payment system, the products move on to the preparation phase.

Order Preparing

In this step, your orders are carefully packaged, invoiced and prepared.

Order Prepared

Your order has now been prepared and is waiting for the contracted cargo company to pick up its package from our store.

Order Shipped

Your order has now been received by the cargo company, the cargo company has entered the system and the tracking number has been determined, and you will be notified via SMS to the mobile phone you entered when placing your order. We add the Cargo Tracking Number to your order status so that you can see it on our website, and in this case, your tracking number will be sent to you via E-MAIL.

Order Completed

In this case, your order was delivered to you by the cargo company and the order was delivered to you successfully and without any problems.

We wish you pleasant, trouble-free and happy shopping and thank you for choosing us.