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Brand: Denizyıldızı Dövme Malzemeleri Model: PİNN519
Marker Body Drawing Pen 1 Piece, It can be applied to parts that do not come off properly during transfer or suitable for artists who make improvised tattoos. Skin Marker, Body Drawing Pen...
17.70 TL
Ex Tax:15.00 TL
Brand: PCD Model: PİNN1075
This product, also called Golden Ratio Perimeter, Microblading and permanent make-up measurements, metal gold ratio caliper, eyebrow and lip ruler, can be worked with 0.001mm precision and reduces errors to zero...
70.80 TL
Ex Tax:60.00 TL
Brand: PCD Model: PİNN285
PCD Microblading Needle 18 U Shape..
5.90 TL
Ex Tax:5.00 TL
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